Monday, September 26, 2016

A Selection of Enchanted Objects and Their Uses - List One

  • An enchanted apple picker that only picks ripe apples. Fully automatic, lounge in the shade and let it run. Sold separately: instant cider press and collection system. See also: Enchant-an-Apple, apple picker that only picks poisonous, golden, silver, and/or enchanted apples, for all your nefarious purposes. 

  • Enchanted frying pan, guaranteed to hit your enemies every time - also to never burn the pancakes.

  • Enchanted mason jars, sold in lots of one dozen. Excellent for canning - seals every time.

  • Glass vase, keeps flowers fresh for weeks. Never runs out of water.

  • Enchanted baby mobile, hang over the princess's cradle and it wards off old witches who sneak in in the middle of the night to steal the little darling.  

  • Enchanted paring knife. Never slips. Also see enchanted vegetable peeler.

  • Gardening gloves, enchanted to judge soil deficiencies for the plants growing in each plot.

  •  Enchanted pot holder that removes pans from the oven by itself, no hands required.

  • Dish cloth, specifically enchanted to remove all kinds of grime and grease.

  • Coffee Mug. Never have a forgotten drink go cold again! See also - ice glasses for summertime use. 

  • Enchanted Glasses Frames. Never forget your glasses on top of your head again, they place themselves on your nose at your request.

Copyright 2016 by Annie Louise Twitchell